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7 days money back guarantee

    MaxCore EA

    $1,499.00 $1,499.00
    Unit price  per 
    • Works on multiple pairs & Multiple Entry Control Features (432 entry types)
    • BUY/SELL trade entries or STOP/LIMIT trade entries ,Grid Trading Strategy with many control features & ShutDown feature, Stops trading after basket close
    • Emergency Close All Feature, Holiday Shut Down Feature, Order Management/Checking Conditions and Grid Array Generation based on user input
    • Take Profit Trader
    • Stealth TP trader – no TP sent to broker & Stealth SL feature – no SL sent to broker
    • Profit Trailing Stop Feature for extra profit and Close old trades feature, draw down reducer also have Exit trades early feature
    • Current or Correlated pair Hedging capabilities, Additional trades added to “basket” incrementally Power
    • Out Stop Loss Features – SL is sent to broker and Portion control feature
    • Manual account type selection, Stop Trade Balance Protection, Equity Stop Loss Protection
    • Automatic broker decimal selection and Chart overlays to monitor trades and account
    • Manual or automatic money management features. Broker spreads are not an issue
    • Manual or Automatic trade magic number selection

    Some other important features of our Expert Advisors:

    ✔ Below 9% drawdown per pair with low drawdown setting - All pairs overall drawdown below 20%
    ✔ Below 15% Drawdown per pair for aggressive setting - All pairs overall drawdown below 38%
    ✔ Auto lot management based on account fund

    ✔ Upto 5% Monthly gains

    ✔ News Filter - To avoid trading on big market event days 
    ✔ Fully Automatic - Install in 5 min and the rest is fully automatic 
    ✔ 100% Non Martingale Strategy 
    ✔ Spread control - to avoid trading in volatile market
    ✔ 1 live license key per order per year
    ✔ Full Setup guide PDF

    Moreover, EALabs offers 7 days full refund policy on all of their EA's which means you can order and test it for 7 days if the EA does not make any profit you can apply for full refund.

    Ultra fast execution of trades

    Our EA's are so smart that they never miss a trading opportunity (ultra fast execution of trades).

    Hidden Take profit and Stop Loss

    A slick feature which is preprogrammed for anyone, specially for the broker to restrict it from manipulation of the trades.

    Cumulative Profit ensured

    Our Trading Robots will sum up the profit preprogrammed to close multiple trades at the same time.

    7 Days Money Back Guarantee

    At EALabs we are so sure about our EA making money for you consistently that we offer a money back guarantee.